Founded by designer Sandy Ward


Sandy Ward Design creates unique and inspired environments that reflect the diverse individual tastes of our select clients. Intuitive insight and a sharp eye for detail are reflected in every project we undertake. Integrity, clear communication, passion, innovation, organization and full client partnership are the hallmarks of our success.



Partnership to me is joining forces, having an open mind and the greatest respect for one another. To try new things with another person is an amazing experience an that is where Sandy and I excel. I believe having a clear end goal is key…let’s brainstorm, let’s execute, and let’s have fun! Sandy and I build off of one another, a spring board, from conception to execution; we work tirelessly toward truly amazing masterful results.

Teamwork has been described before as one plus one equals three, so true! Our relationship, between builder and designer, is a great example of that. Teamwork is our tool chest facilitating working smarter and more efficiently. Having more than one set of eyes reduces error and having more than one pair of hands insures more concise execution of tasks.

The synergy created by partnering is the most important part of our design process, building a strong skillful relationship  and using our creativity to drive business resulting in our clients total satisfaction.


Sandy Ward

215 870 8354

I am a well rounded designer who works in many areas of design; interiors, space design, decorative design as well as staging, marketing and sales. My history as a real estate developer and builder brings a unique spin to my capabilities, enabling me to relate to the needs of private clients as well as the real estate industry. Although astute in all areas of production; from set design, fashion styling to fine art photography book editing my foremost focus continues to be interior design because it resonates with my passion for art, culture and fashion.

Bradley Clayton

215 316 2817 

Whether it's the food I prepare or the interiors I create, planning and presentation is paramount. I can see a space and envision its ideal arrangement, in terms of design, organization, and functionality, and I work to execute that vision to a tee. From the perfect color and texture synergies to the smallest decorative touches, I create balanced yet dramatic transformations that reflect a client's unique tastes and speak to their needs. Apart from Sandy Ward Design, I have extensive experience in the commercial side of design, including showroom merchandising, as well as the hospitality industry.