Industrial Barn doors

In modern design, “barn doors” are doors that ride on Barn Door Hardware, and may or may not look like traditional barn doors (planks with cross bars).

Sandy Ward Design is known for Industrial Barn Doors, its interpretation of barn doors that incorporate the client’s culture and esthetic. 

These particular doors were designed for clients of Indian Hindu heritage, who are young professional urbanites yet very connected to their heritage.

In terms of functionality, the doors divide two rooms, Media and Dining. Esthetically, the 2 doors needed to be an artistic expression, so it was determined during the design process that they would include hand carved wooden Indian panels that depict the gods, Krishna and Ganesha surrounded by unexpected metal elements. The challenge was to create Art on both sides of the doors to show the equal importance of both rooms.

The Dining Room side features the hand carved wood panels of the gods, and the Media Room side features a patchwork of naturally rusted patina metal. The metal was meticulously hand picked from a scrap yard and laid out in a symmetrical yet asymmetrical pattern, resulting in a truly original geometric pattern. 

Voila!! “Art in Function” – the cornerstone of this Philadelphia Urban Residence.

Barn Doors by Briana-11 2.jpg