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About us

Sandy Ward Design is known as a powerhouse design firm in Philadelphia - a one-stop shop for interior design, wardrobe styling and production design. The team specializes in creating smart and sophisticated design solutions for homes, professional spaces, print/film campaigns and everything in between.

The team is lead by Sandy, a charismatic persona with a thoughtful approach to the job. She brings to the work decades of global experience – being in front of the camera as a model, behind the camera as a production designer, managing for 20 years an international photography business and developing real estate in her beloved Philadelphia.

Sandy approaches wardrobe, set props and all visual aspects of the production with one goal in mind – the client. Her drive comes from making the client’s vision and story come to life. Residential homes require the same approach since they too are sets people live in that tell a unique story about the owner.

The Sandy Ward Design team is comprised of established interior designers and award winning set designers who combine their experience in residential and commercial design with art direction and set design for live television, film and print and high fashion styling. They oversee all aspects of the design department including custom construction, fabrication of props and client relations.

Above all else, Sandy Ward Design stresses the importance of customer care and experience during the design process, production and post production. The firm is equipped with a large studio and ample work space for a production team, as well as a client lounge, in-house catering and a production concierge.

Sandy's magnetic persona infuses every aspect of the team, allowing the magic to happen.

Sandy Ward: Production Designer / Wardrobe Designer Bradley Clayton: Art Director/ Interior Designer
Gillian Speers: Art Director/ Set Stylist (Local 829)