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 Trendy Couple Gets A Signature Look


"There are no words to describe it; only a picture is worth a thousand words. The most important aspect of working with Sandy Ward Design is their collaborative spirit. I came to them with ideas, which were brought to life. No task is impossible for this design firm. They have redefined interior design into an artistic expression to be lived in the present.” ­–[Ashta Pai]


Custom Industrial Carved Art Doors


These particular doors were designed for young professional urbanites who are very connected to their Indian Hindu heritage. The doors are a prime example of functional art in the home: They serve as a physical divide between the clients’ Media and Dining Rooms, as well as a stand-alone work of artistic expression. It was determined during the design process that they would feature hand-carved wooden panels depicting the gods Krishna and Ganesha, surrounded by unexpected metal elements.

Barn Doors by Briana-11-2.jpg

American Expat Returns To New York City


An American expat returns to NYC from Spain and brings her color influence with her. This intellectual property attorney is unexpectedly glam yet sophisticated. Blending her esthetic was an unusual challenge. The design process developed through the colors she loves, from peacock and plum to aqua and periwinkle. Using muted tones of these bold colors remediated the color palette challenge.


A Live in, Work in, Artist Studio 


Every twenty to thirty years, the world of design seems to make a comeback, but in a slightly better way, whether it's in the world of fashion, colors or home decor. Retro Style is an eclectic mix of old styles and new forms or new forms with old materials and finishes.